Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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Why Chavez is an imminent danger to the so-called 'civilized' world: Part II
Venezuela Electronic News - Sep 25 11:22 AM
I was inundated with letters since my last article this past Friday . The subject revolved around a discussion I had with a Haitian taxi-driver which led to the issue of suing for past reparations, something that he (the taxi driver) says that Aristides had begun against France prior to his being kidnapped and forced out of power in 2004.Save to My Web

Houston en los d as previos al hurac n Rita
Independent Media Center - Sep 25 4:08 AM
La sensaci n en Houston es palpable. Las calles vac as, tiendas cerradas, las televisiones llenado el aire de histeria.Save to My Web

Maior bicicletada de sempre em Budapeste!
Independent Media Center - Sep 30 4:38 AM
A capital h ngara de Budapestet assistiu no dia 22 de Setembro de 2005 maior bicicletada organizada pela Massa Critica at ao momento, com cerca de 24000 a 30000 ciclistas participantes. Ser , por isso, a maior bicicletada na hist ria da Massa Cr tica.Save to My Web